Sara is a bright shining light. Her creative, wanderlust spirit has a natural gravitational pull, making her a joy to be around. Sara is a rising stylist at Craft House Salon and has completed a key component in our cutting training program, and will continue to grow her craft with us. It won’t surprise anyone who knew her young, that her first dream job was to be a mermaid. Her spontaneous and creative spirit would indicate nothing less than something that fantastical. Traveling the world, especially to Thailand to cuddle with elephants, is on her bucket list. When not in the salon, Sara can be found creating her beautifully fluid paintings. Kind, silly, and hard working, describes her in a nutshell. 

Sara has completed a portion of our core cutting training, and will continue through our advanced education over the next few months. Her goals are to do both color and cutting and will transition to training in color once she is completely on the floor. Sara is passionate about making real connections with people, and spreading love and positivity. Her passion for hair and deep technical knowledge makes Sara a great new stylist for you!!