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Our salon double as an art gallery. We love and thrive off inspiration from the arts, an selfishly use our house to play host for our inspiration fuel. Our gallery is a not for profit space, simply offering our walls to display the art of others. We use our gallery openings as a way to connect more with our community, make new friends and support our art community. Please check out our current hanging artist, and know you are always welcome to come in and view the art.


Current Hanging Artist


Are you and artist? Are you looking to display your work? We love working with local established or up and coming artist. Our gallery rotates every 6-8 weeks and constantly adding people to our future gallery space. Please drop us a love note below with your info so we can get your art out there for people to enjoy and see!!!

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Past Artist


“Calm the Mind...Satisfy the Soul...Warm the Heart...CREATE! 

We put together unique art workshops to awaken that”creative spirit” in you. Art and creativity in any form is so inspiring, it allows you to de-stress and unwind.  We have been blessed with a passion to create, and want to share that passion with you.  Our workshops, private parties, and fundraisers  are the total’s an experience, not just a project.  

Be part of our hands ons workshop August 3rd to create your own work of art.

Sara Tomasulo

What Sara says about her work and inspiration:

Working with paints and mixing agents tests my ability to let go of expectations. I surrender to fluidity, allow the paint to effortlessly metamorphoses. My art simulates as a mirror. It manifests into creation and desire. When my thoughts are too abstruse to interpret, I create stories in the layers, like pages of a book. It is an honor to allow my passions evoke something within the spirit.

Teresa Smith-Gjertsen

Theresa Smith-Gjertsen, New Jersey native, born in 1979, is the youngest of 8 multi-talented children. She grew up in East Brunswick in a farm house built by her father's family in 1890 and now resides in Atlantic Highlands. Being surrounded and inspired by nature and visions that veer from the norm her entire life, Theresa pulls textures, patterns and ideas that trigger familiar emotions. She matriculated at Mason Gross School of the Arts majoring in printmaking. A summer long internship in the fiber studio at Peter's Valley in Lincroft, New Jersey, also, inspired a love for papermaking. The lack of proper studio equipment for these two interests and strong need to create pushed her to paint, something she could do where ever and when ever with easily accessible tools. Additional computer training opened up opportunities in the fashion and home industry doing accessory and textile design for over 10 years.

Within the past 9 years Theresa has acquired local clients she does many creative projects for. In 2012, she created her own business, Identity Lab, to help other small businesses define a visual identity for their brand. These projects include logos, websites, interiors, advertising, buying and merchandising.

Brandi Grooms

A graduate of Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, Brandi Grooms Johnson strives to capture the inner radiance and allure of her subjects. Brandi began her career as a fine art photographer. The New Orleans native’s photography exudes sensuality and romance. Blending her sultry, fine art style with an editorial lifestyle influence, Brandi’s work is elegant, spontaneous, and rich with beauty and emotion.
Brandi approaches her sessions with a romantic eye, playful charm and an artistic edge, creating images that surpass the traditional. It is important for her to build a relationship with her clients. Her commitment to getting to know her clients, and connecting with them on a personal level is what allows her to create such timeless imagery.


Skull Boy

“Art. Apparel. Original. Paintings, prints, stickers, clothing, skateboards, mugs, murals, functional art and anything i can get my hands on.”

Calla Breniak

Growing up with artists as parents, creative expression was encouraged in Calla's home. From this supportive atmosphere, Calla doesn't place parameters on how she creates by exclusively using a few mediums. The materials she uses ranges from dying fabrics to the more traditional oil on canvas. Her artwork evolves with every stage of life she encounters. She has traveled throughout the United States for many years exploring this nation's hidden beauties. Her itch for travel brought her back home to New Jersey where she focuses on bringing her experiences to life through her art. When looking at Calla's work it becomes apparent she uses art as an unfiltered mirror allowing us a glimpse into her ever-evolving perspective. "My artwork guides the subconscious mind, allowing it to expand. Thus, giving the overworked the freedom to feel unsurfaced emotion. I want the viewer to allow themselves to open up emotions that have been locked away."

Gabby Fazio

Gabrielle Fazio is a self taught mixed media artist. Creating from a young age, in High School, she received “The Highest Academic Art Achievement Award” for her quirky, outlandish artistic style. When Gabrielle isn’t armed with a paint brush and canvas, she is known for taking her abilities to create some of the areas most flawless faces. Graduating at the top of her class, as a Master Makeup Artist/Special Effects Designer at Makeup Designory, NYC, whether it be an unblemished bride or the bride of Frankenstein, Gabrielle’s passion and talents always shine through. She is currently working on a multitude of large scale art projects as well as, diving into prom and wedding season.