Craft House Salon Food Drive

"When you have more than enough you build a longer table.”

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As a team, we are not only passionate about hair, we are passionate about leaving this world a better place. Not only environmentally, but socially, and especially in our local community. Living in Monmouth and Ocean County, it is easy to be oblivious to the fact many people are not as fortunate. Within our area we have families and children that are often hungry or underfed. Thankfully, many of us have more than enough, and can afford to give back.

We are asking ALL of you to help by making a donation to Fulfill Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County. We will be collecting nonperishable foods from November 7th - November 17th. A small donation can make a huge impact on someone else’s life.

As a special thank you, we will be running a contest! For every donation you contribute, you will receive an entry for a raffle to win a blow-dry. Winner will be announced on November 18th, and is to be used for the day before Thanksgiving.

Check out the site to learn more about our community and who we are trying to help.

Liz Cabada’s take on the Fall.

Oh, hi! You caught us chit-chatting about hair again; this time with Liz!

Liz is our resident knower of all things Davines, and our tribe wouldn’t function without her. When not in the salon, Liz is out teaching color and product knowledge classes for Davines all over NJ, NY and PA. Safe to say, she really knows her stuff.

 Lizbeth Cabada

Lizbeth Cabada

With Liz constantly traveling to different salons to teach, she is surrounded by what’s “trending,” and what’s happening with color. Here, we chat about her favorite fall fashions:

“One Fall trend I'm digging is adding warmer gold and copper tones in blondes to make the lighter pieces pop, or just for a subtle amount of dimension. 

“Copper to brunettes and redheads gives "lived in" or "I woke up this way" vibe to hair. 

“I especially like this trend because it makes the hair look organic, especially when styled, and you can see all the different tones swirled together. As a bonus, depending on placement of these pops of warmer tones, it can be super low maintenance, looking just as beautiful three months down the road as it looks the day that you leave the salon.”

Having to make Liz pick one fall favorite Davines product is like asking her to color every client the same brown color. NOT EASY. But she did make a choice, and DANG, it’s a good one. Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist. 


Liz says, “I absolutely love this product because it is such a beautiful treatment that not only makes your hair healthier, it also makes it manageable and super silky. All hair types can use it by applying to towel-dried hair prior to blowdrying.

“Its an all around amazing product to have in your arsenal even if you don't blow-dry, but need de-frizzing. My curly hair loves it when I use it to air dry.”

Thank you Liz for sharing! Wondering if any of her trend forecasting fits you? Come in, have a chat and see.

Happy Hair!

Allie Krug and Her Faves!

We are saying hello to Fall with a little LOVE from Allie!

Over the next few weeks we will be checking in with our crew at Craft House Salon to see their Fall favorites. So how about we kick it off, alphabetically of course.

 Allie Krug

Allie Krug

If you haven’t met Allie, she’s our resident Jane-of-all-trades and walking database of Trivial Pursuit worthy knowledge. A self proclaimed hater of the Summer, her love for Fall activities and cooler weather has her all sorts of inspired.

Allie, our Wella Master Color Experts, is also a new mommy. Her son, Hunter, Is four moths old, and she has been balancing her love and passion for hair along with her new mom life with grace and joy. (LOTS OF LOVE TO HER AND THE FAM!!!!)

NOW, on to HAIR! Allie shares with us some of her top fall picks for products and color trends.

Currently vibing is the cold-brew color trend that’s all over the place right now. This balayage (hand painted) color incorporates the different tones of coffee. A little mocha here, a bit of light and sweet there, and a mix of rich “I take it black” hues. Allie says, “the combination of warm and cool tones is right on point. During Fall, we still have a summer glow to our skin, and the look of dimension is hot. Adding low lights of cooler and warmer browns, and mixing it with pops of brighter and dusty blondes, make it a killer look. Taking you from Summer to Fall and keeping the hair party going.” Follow Allie’s instagram to see her most recent painting, it is all sorts of cold brew!!

 Davines Love Curl Primer

Davines Love Curl Primer

Oh, and what about products? This is Allie’s current go-to: Davines’ Love Curl Primer, of course. Here is what she says, “Although this product is designed for curly hair, it is truly great for all textures. The almond extract helps to mimic natural oils, adding hydration and helping detangle. Love Curl Primer protects from heat (not a thermal protectant) by adding protein and moisture, and is also an anti-humidity product, fighting frizz. It’s a great primer for any other styling product you may layer.”

Thanks Allie for dishing on what you see trending and your current can’t-live-without product!

Happy Hair!!

Art Inspires More Art

Skull Boy’s art inspired our own Craft House mini collection.

You may or may not know that our salon is also an art gallery. When opening Craft House Salon, we knew we wanted to be a home for all forms of art, from hosting hands-on workshops to artist’s hanging their amazing pieces in our space.

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