Liz Cabada’s take on the Fall.

Oh, hi! You caught us chit-chatting about hair again; this time with Liz!

Liz is our resident knower of all things Davines, and our tribe wouldn’t function without her. When not in the salon, Liz is out teaching color and product knowledge classes for Davines all over NJ, NY and PA. Safe to say, she really knows her stuff.

Lizbeth Cabada

Lizbeth Cabada

With Liz constantly traveling to different salons to teach, she is surrounded by what’s “trending,” and what’s happening with color. Here, we chat about her favorite fall fashions:

“One Fall trend I'm digging is adding warmer gold and copper tones in blondes to make the lighter pieces pop, or just for a subtle amount of dimension. 

“Copper to brunettes and redheads gives "lived in" or "I woke up this way" vibe to hair. 

“I especially like this trend because it makes the hair look organic, especially when styled, and you can see all the different tones swirled together. As a bonus, depending on placement of these pops of warmer tones, it can be super low maintenance, looking just as beautiful three months down the road as it looks the day that you leave the salon.”

Having to make Liz pick one fall favorite Davines product is like asking her to color every client the same brown color. NOT EASY. But she did make a choice, and DANG, it’s a good one. Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist. 


Liz says, “I absolutely love this product because it is such a beautiful treatment that not only makes your hair healthier, it also makes it manageable and super silky. All hair types can use it by applying to towel-dried hair prior to blowdrying.

“Its an all around amazing product to have in your arsenal even if you don't blow-dry, but need de-frizzing. My curly hair loves it when I use it to air dry.”

Thank you Liz for sharing! Wondering if any of her trend forecasting fits you? Come in, have a chat and see.

Happy Hair!