New Year, NOT a New You!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New Year; New You.” But what about, “The same you, with better goals and more self love?”


I am a huge fan of growing. Although, at the same time, I am a firm believer that YOU, the person, is pretty amazing as you are. We all have bad habits, areas of our life we don’t like, or elements we wish to change. But this does not mean you need to scrap who you are come December 31st, and become reborn Jan 1st in order to be happier.

I use the year ending as a time to clean house; literally and figuratively. I find it’s the best time to get rid of unwanted clutter, donate things I don’t need, and take care of disorganization that has been making me insane. After my daughter goes to bed, I write a list of things I wish to accomplish for the upcoming 365 days and set intentions on the night of NYE. I don’t wish to be a different person.

What does this have to do with beauty or hair? A lot, actually. After the bad eating, too many cocktails, little sleep, and the stress the holidays bring, it is safe to say self care has not been a priority. I’m basically the WORST in this department. I forget to take time to workout, or to drink water in-between the morning coffee and the evening glass of wine. I even use low maintenance color because I push it to the last second. Sufficient to say, my self love is pretty crappy. Which is a fact, not a critique or a judgment on myself. So I asked myself, what can I do to change this?

I as a mom, wife, business owner, and friend, being a human woman has come pretty low on the priority list. My self care (self love) intention for 2019 is a pretty long list. I realize that my cup being empty isn’t helpful to my family or my team. Feel familiar? 90% of us women, and more specifically, MOMS, do not put ourselves first, but ALWAYS dead last. We are run down, snappy, and resentful.

It is hard to set new intentions, and resolutions are always so lofty that we inedibility fail and feel worse for it. It bites. We have all fallen victim to this. So a few years ago, I started writing lists of things I wanted to do in the upcoming year. Then I would see this HUGE list and feel so overwhelmed I’d start to doubt myself. I decided to take it a step further and take action steps to get these goals and wishes accomplished. My goals for the salon are hugely different than my personal, behind the chair goals, and my personal goals are in a category all of their own. I find it important to break them up. I am not 100% 24/7 all in one area, mentally, emotionally, or physically. This also forces me to try and be in the moment … which is crazy hard and I do a pretty pathetic job the majority of the time.

Plus, I thought if I actually listed myself in the goals/dreams/accomplishments, maybe I would treat myself as seriously as I do my business, team, family and home. So these few things are really important to me.

Here is my 2019 personal goals:

  • Read 10 books

    • Pick 3 books every season to read, buy or rent ahead of time.

  • Take time to sit still and eat a hot, healthy meal.

    • Make time to eat by scheduling breaks when possible.

  • Move my body in some sort of a workout 4 days a week.

    • Get up earlier than my daughter. Go to bed at a normal time and not hit snooze.

  • Have my hair done every 6 weeks*

    • Put it in the books, and set reminder in my phone to make sure I do not cancel my own appointment.

  • Meditate.

    • Before I get out of bed, make sure I sit up and breathe with intention for as long as I can.

  • Journal.

    • Thankfully, I was gifted a gratitude journal from a guest of mine. I have already started and excited to keep going.

*So the hair done every 6 weeks might be a funny thing to see on my list. But I am just like all of you when it comes to setting time for myself. I plan to stop rushing our colorist to give me a convent hair color. I am going to get color that looks good one me and I feel good in. I will keep up on regular haircuts as well. While I get loads of compliments, it would be embarrassing to tell you how long I have actually gone without getting a haircut.

This year I plan to take care of myself better, and improve on who I am, not become a new person. I am pretty happy with who I am, and improving oneself and is not all sunshine and rainbows. Resolutions and goals don’t have to be a hard endeavor or punishment, it can be as simple as making your hair appointment. So I urge you to make a list and write down the steps it takes to get it done. Then take that list and put it on your wallet or underwear drawer. You need to stumble on this list every once as a while as a reminder. Very Important; make sure it is analog, written down. Hard copy means evidentiary proof of personal commitment. Digital won’t cut it, don’t bother.

So thats it. You are awesome. Continue to be awesome, and make 2019’s list of dreams and accomplishments for yourself and no one else. Mom, wife, boss, whatever your title, nothing is more important than your name and honoring yourself.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!!