Craft House Grand Opening Party

We are so excited to officially be part of the neighborhood!!!

It was a long time coming for the team to be back together, and it has been difficult to say the least. However, I am a firm believer that the comeback is ALWAYS greater than the set back.

After 6 failed locations, 4 non-compete agreements, 3 years separated in different salons, and the birth of two perfect babies, we are all in a hair home that we love.

Craft House Salon was a brain child / passion project in the beginning. At first, it was never intended to be a salon, but a creative space for all forms of collaborative art, and a hub to run educational events for hairdressers. As time passed, it became a priority to focus on a happy and healthy work environment … and also do some awesome stuff on the side.

Fast forward through many more major life events, and we get to this moment:

Craft House Salon Grand Opening Party

A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to a ton of people, otherwise this moment would never have been possible.

To my husband Brandon, who basically told me I couldn’t throw in the towel, ever, and let me wipe out our retirement savings to make this wild idea come to fruition. Thank you for spending 12 days not sleeping, staining floors, and dealing with my insanity and pig headed vision to help make it all come to life.

To my step-dad, Jamie, who I can never thank enough for directing the 12 day renovation. The time, energy, craftsmanship, and stress poured into the building will never be forgotten. Also my brother-in-law, Jeff, who worked alongside Jamie, helping create all of our custom cabinets, and understanding my vision. Giving your time, attention, and talent means more than my words could ever convey.

To my mom, spending all of her limited free time being our marketing, social media, tech support/I.T. department. She does so much for our salon and team on a regular basis it’s virtually impossible to thank her for all she did and continues to do.

To my dear friend Caity, who drove from the top of our state and spent 12 hours painting our 14ft tall walls. You have been my biggest cheerleader from the day the words “I think I should open a salon” left my lips.

To our pals Mike and Brian, who legit SAVED the day with our plumbing disasters. With 72 hours before the first guest would walk through the door, we still didn't have functioning sinks. They spent two nights after working full-time jobs laboring over our pipes until we had water.

To my mother and father in law, Hal and Natalie, who helped support us through this project, and cared for our daughter. She never felt one bit of the stress and will forever remember the hours she spent with you as joyful and not having a mommy and daddy who looked and smelt like they were building a meth lab for Breaking Bad.

To Allie and Rachel, who were 34+ weeks pregnant; building, organizing, shopping, and cleaning to make sure we opened on time. Without your presence in the space, it would not feel like a home.

To Liz, who from day 1 supported and was on board for this crazy journey. Even if you never knew it, from the time the planning process began, you kept me motivated. In the words of Dori, you helped me to “ just keep swimming,” because I knew I had someone I couldn’t let down.

TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING GUESTS!!!!!!! YOU are so much more to us than just clients. Because of you and your trust in us, we have been able to grow happier, stronger, and to grow roots. We will forever strive to do our best to make Craft House Salon your forever Happy Hair home.

With all the LOVE and GRATITUDE my heart can express,