So you’ve heard….summer is coming, you need to be a blonde now!


Well…is it actually possible? 


If you have natural dark colored hair, going blonde doesn’t happen overnight or maybe it does if you spend 6+hrs with us…but realistically it takes time and multiple appointments to get you there, while ALSO keeping the integrity of the hair.


“But I’m already blonde…” well good news for you, it might be an easier transition to get you lighter! Nonetheless, adding more blonde over multiple sessions is still the best way to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 



If you know you are a guest that loves to be extra blonde in the summer, the perfect time to start incorporating lightening processes should start around February. It may still be winter, but we have to plan ahead. That way the appointments are at a minimum 6 weeks apart to give your hair a break while in-between lightening services, so by summer time, you’re a blonde bombshell that still has healthy hair. 

At this time, it would be where you give the notion to your stylist you are ready to be lighter, this is the time where they would also decide if hair painting or highlights would be the best option. Also keep in mind, being blonde is more high maintenance than meets the eye. Glosses are a definite MUST in-between services, to make sure your hair doesn’t turn an unwanted tone from the gloss fading or just from environmental factors (hard water, sun exposure, etc). This is also where salon shampoos & conditioners come in to play. We will always suggest as stylists using professional products & treatments to take home so we can guarantee your color. 


Favorite maintenance products for my lovely blondes: 

Davines Silver Alchemic Shampoo & Conditioner (helps to temporarily neutralize warm tones)

Davines NouNou Shampoo & Conditioner (nourishing for dehydrated hair)


Davines Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist (light weight, dry treatment oil, all hair types) 

Davines Liquid Spell (reinforcing bodifying tonic)



 Can’t wait to see you!!!



All the best, 

Lizbeth Cabada