Please Review Us on Google … Or maybe not??

Just like that, our perfect score is gone ...

Over the past 13 months our little baby Craft House Salon has been steadily and consistently growing in all areas. We have been trying to do our best to make sure we create an amazing experience for you all.  From yummy drinks, calm happy music, to, oh that’s right, AWESOME Hair.  

We have been incredibly grateful to everyone who has taken a moment to write a review on Facebook, google or even Yelp (even though it will never see the light of day due to the terrible ways of yelp). It’s honestly the best gift you can ever give us, next to a referral.  We are thankful more than words can express.

But something happened this weekend that we all knew would happen one day.  Our salon received it’s first 2 Star review.  As you can imagine it made my heart sink.  I scrambled to try to figure out what happened. Who was it?  Did they not know about our 100% happens policy and that we welcome feedback for improvement?  How could it have been so bad in our Salon to warrant that? I was flustered to say the least.

dun dun dun

dun dun dun

After way too much time and energy wasted, I figured out exactly who the person was. Turns out, the person isn’t even a client in our salon. This one person who has never been to our salon, never experienced our  environment took our very prideful 5 Star status all because she walked by and choose to leave negative feedback.

It makes me upset, all the work, time, and energy our team puts into making sure we do our best, and make people feel as amazing as possible.  All that can be disrupted by one lousy FAKE review.  

So I am sure some of you might be like, WOAH why do you care?  This isn’t a big deal.  Well, it is for a new baby learning to walk. We are just getting our footing and establishing ourselves.  Yes, we always want honest feedback, especially to grow and make your experience better. But we can not grow unless people feel comfortable making the first leap to come to us.  That starts sometimes with reading reviews. 

Well, the band-aid was ripped off.  The wound will heal and we will all go on because news, especially on the internet, is only news for a day or so.  

Thank you agin to everyone who loves coming to the salon and has shared it.  It means WAY more than you know.  If you love us, and haven’t taken the time to write us a review maybe now is your chance to help boost our 5 star back up?