Pumpkin Spice and everything nice, is what us Jersey girls are made of.

I don’t know about you, but I am not totally ready for the Fall. I see Rook is pushing pumpkin cold brew, Target won’t stop reminding me Halloween is 16 million weeks away, and I truly did see a Christmas advertisement this morning. Mentally, I can't handle the idea that our Summer is fading, although,my skin and hair are totally saying otherwise. A few blogs ago, Liz mentioned changing of shampoo and conditioners based on the time of year.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 12.10.00 PM.png

Transition season are fun for activities, but they run down your skin and hair without even noticing it. Ragweed, sea grass pollen, and other fun fall foliage, are iterally raining down on us. This build up causes itchier scalps and duller, more lifeless hair. Washing your hair more this time of year is defiantly recommend, as environmental factors will wage war on how you physically feel and the texture of your skin and hair.

More cleansing can lead to dehydration and stripping of the natural oils. It’s so important to bring back those essential healthy elements. This is the time of years to start using your oils, masks, and upping your water intake. Our go-to oil is OI Oil by Davines for anti-frizz and extra shine, particularly for dry or coarse hair. OI Oil adds shine and softness to hair while also detangling and fighting frizz.

Super rad thing about Oi Oil this month is that you will receive a complimentary travel OI Oil when purchasing a Oi Shampoo and Conditioner.

Another thing we should mention is to avoid high heat showers. The warmth feels OH SO GOOD, but it is drying and can strip more moisture out of those already thirsty locks.

Also, check out our friend Gina at Alchemy Holistics Skin Care’s blog. Super awesome tips on how to care for your skin this time of year.

Hope back to school time went well, and you are all enjoying a hot cup of coffee … even if it isn’t pumpkin spice.

Happy Hair,