Going Greener.

We clearly have a passion for do-good-ery in our space and especially when it comes to the environment. Unfortunately, the salon world can be quite toxic for the planet when salon owners and stylist are not conscious about what they are using. From hair color to aerosol hairsprays, there are numerous environmentally damaging chemicals that affect the salon air we breathe and the water that runs down the drains and into our waterways.

That doens’t cut it for us, which is a part of the reason why we preach about non-toxic beauty products. Davines is a zero impact company, and Cult & King contributes to ‘1% to the Planet’ every year, giving one percent of their profits to the the charity. Functionality, integrity, and ethics are why we actively choose to only support brands that work for mother earth, not against her.

But we don’t think that’s enough. We still have waste. We still have garbage. We can always do better as a salon … so we are. As of this month, we are officially a Green Circle salon. You may have noticed our stories on Instagram, asking your thoughts about potential eco-fees and general eco-minded questions. We previously discussed ways to bring on this program in the past, and all signs pointed to “not yet.” That is, until now …


Green Circle offers a program allowing us to recycle the items we can not dispose of through our local recycling plant. They will be collecting hair color waste, used foils, balayage meshs, and hair clippings; all to be repurposed into healthy alternatives for the environment.

You might notice new containers around the salon, and maybe a sign or two as a gentle reminder of our increased responsibility to keep the planet healthy. We hope that you will be supportive and excited, knowing that even while looking great, you are actively helping the environment.

Happy Hair,


P.S. Remember that eco-fee we talked about? Forge about it—we have a super rad idea that we will be sharing soon, so keep an eye on your inbox!


Cult & King, the new kids at the House.

“What’s in this beautiful bottle?”

This is the question we hear so often.

We thought this is a great opportunity to explain why we’ve added to our product collection, and what we like most about Cult & King. While we LOVE Davines, we want to offer a true range of styling options.

It all started with Mallory’s hunt for the perfect air drying product to allow the freedom of lived-in hair for all types. Did this unicorn product exist? Oh yes it did! After testing over seven hair balms, we finally found the one we loved. Knowing that the line was larger, we were offered a testing kit. We all became obsessed.


Clean and Simple, effective products are what we are all about. “All CULT+KING products are formaldehyde-free. Paraben-free. Petroleum-free. Gluten-free. Propylene glycol-free. Synthetic fragrance-free. Phythalate-free. TEA-, DEA and MEA-free. Mineral oil-free. Synthetic dye-free. Coal tar-free. Synthetic detergent-free. Animal testing-free. Green washing-free. The cleanest products on the market. The less chemicals you put in and on your body, the better for you.”

Then comes the green factor, it’s not a secret that caring for the environment is something that matters to us. We fell in love with the mission of Cult & King: “ WE ARE TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY ANTI-PLASTIC AND STYROFOAM.”

“We need to abandon “throw away” culture, and we need to do it now. Our beautiful oceans are being ruined. Our landfills are overflowing. We make our packaging beautiful in the hopes that you will reuse and repurpose every piece when it’s empty. It’s also recyclable if you choose to discard it. Our glass,  aluminum, bamboo and wood packaging is made to last a lifetime.“


Not to mention they are proud members of One Percent for the Planet™.  That means we contribute 1% of total sales to environmental organizations working to clean up our world. Learn more at onepercentfortheplanet.org.


Between loving the planet and being chemical free, we couldn’t turn this product down. Turns out they have the absolute best dry shampoo ever created and we can’t live with out it.

Ask your stylist all about Cult & King, we would love to share more with you!!

All the best and Happy Hair,

The Craft House Team