Online Booking and Our App

I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear, “I just love your online booking.” I hear it almost as much as, “So, I had an issue with booking my appointment online.”

Technology is the way of the future, and in the salon world, our front desk is transitioning more and more to apps, automative, and digital communications. Our industry is rapidly changing, and not only in trends and hair styles, but the business itself is shifting and preparing for not only technological changes, but economic and environmental factors as well.

Are you familiar with what a salon suit is? No? Well, NJ, get used to it. Monmouth County will soon be home to ‘sola suits,’ which are essentially micro salons for one or two stylist to run. They are in buildings with ten to fifty other mini salons, and all are individually operated.

I’m sure you are thinking ‘What does this mean for me when booking an appointment?’ Basically, everything. Due to changes in our industry’s standard buisness model, the approach to salon functions must also change in order to maintain the culture that currently exists. But how do us ‘traditional salons’ keep momentum in the shifting tides? By keeping up with the Jones via the tech world.

Private suits are small, and require less furniture. Due to size and functionality, most suits don’t have receptionist, often don’t take walk-ins, and are only open when the stylist is there. Being that most suits are a one woman show, the need for software to manage bookings is vital. Due to the popularity of salon suits nationwide, the salon culture has shifted away form having receptions, and more and more auto booking platforms have been developed. The booking culture has changed, becoming more direct, and cutting out the middle man.

We are are trying to be ahead of these curves, and slowly introduce this new wave of innovation in our industry to our guests. Over the the next two years, the majority of salons will be heading in this direction, establishing practices like we are beginning to see, by allowing clients to book on demand via email, DM’s, text, and app based platforms.

SalonBiz app is our booking platform, and one of the best and most sophisticated. Capable of A.I. and multi tasking for our needs. Additionally, ebbing out the need for a receptionist or a physical front desk, for that matter. The app is moving towards allowing more communications directly with your stylist, and 24/7 concierge-like service.

The app is also capable of doing a bit more for you personally, like keeping records of your past services, product history, and allowing for you to see all of our social media and keep up with CHS events. You can even check out from the chair, and send us messages for us to connect with you. BONUS!! The app has allowed for us to go paperless with receipts.

We are here for any questions you might have, and would love to help you with the app!

All the best and Happy Hair,

Mallory Z