Grey. The dreaded word. Every woman’s nightmare ... or is it?


Lately it seems more and more women are calling it quits on hair color and allowing their natural grey-hair grow free, letting go of all the maintenance, and embracing their sparkles! 

Once the idea sprouts, the questions start flooding in: How long will it take to be all grey? Will it look awful growing in? Do I have to bleach my whole head? Will I look old? What if I hate it?

Well, I can answer these questions for you. First, a consultation is crucial so the colorist can see what’s going on with your current color, analyze your previously colored locks, and see what your natural regrowth is like. If you’re really grey and growing out an artificial dark tone, you may need a plan that extends a few months. Timeframe is one thought to consider; how quickly do you want to be au’ natural?  Are you planning on cutting your hair often to remove the old color?  Do you mind being lighter while your color grows in?   


Most women opt for a combination of more frequent haircuts and a nice balance of highlights and lowlights. As your natural color grows in, visits become farther between. The combo of highlights or lowlights will connect the previously dyed color and natural tones so you avoid that harsh line of demarcation.  

Color transition from box color to natural grey hair.  Highlight and low light combo by Rachel.

Color transition from box color to natural grey hair.  Highlight and low light combo by Rachel.


Maybe you think you are super grey, but you’re really more pepper than salt. It may be too soon for you to blend through highlights and lowlights. But if you’re dead set on growing it out, there may be a slower less obvious approach. Slightly lightening your base color every few single process appointments will give you time and less shock to the world around you (and yourself) once you make the plunge.  

Use your natural grey hair through personal expressions.  Natural grey highlighted and toned with a party shade.  Hair by Allie.

Use your natural grey hair through personal expressions.  Natural grey highlighted and toned with a party shade.  Hair by Allie.

My point being, it is such an extremely personalized process. For some it may be a slow pace, so graceful you may not even notice it happening. I always tell guests, you have to be ready. Many variables and emotions come into play. Consultation and planning are key!


You have to be prepared to rock it and own it. And you can! We are here for support and to answer any questions you may have. Curious if this is an option for you?  Wondering what steps, you would need to take? Come in and let’s chat. We can craft up a plan for your gorgeous grey! 




Shiny Hair?!? YES - Isn’t this what we all want? 

 First things first; let’s start in the shower. 

Shampoo & Conditioner are the foundation of all things shiny. If you are not using the right ones for your texture and hair needs, it can make it more difficult to achieve shiny, healthy hair when styling. 


Some of my favorites are:


·        Minu Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s purposely named ‘minu,’ short for ‘illuminating,’ to do just that. Super high in antioxidants, it has all the good things your hair needs for shine. 




When you spend $30 on take home products you will receive a Spotlight Treatment free. While supplies last.

·        Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo & Prep Mild Cream. They are moisturizing and nourishing, but lightweight enough for any hair texture without weighing the hair down. 


·        Spotlight Circle. It provides instant shine in just ten minutes. It contains moringa oil and micronized mica powder to smooth and deeply nourish. 


Now that we have a foundation, what’s next? 

Before putting any styling product into your hair, you must towel dry. This helps to minimize dilution of the product. 

There are SO many options for products, but here are a few that give immediate results whether you decide to air dry, diffuse or blowdry.


- Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist. It helps create shiny, frizz-free, and silky hair. 

I love spraying this on, whether I’m letting my hair be curly or blowdrying. This product is meant for all hair types, too. 


  • More Inside Moisturizing Relaxing Fluid. It gives you slight control over curls, but it’s great for frizz when you are blowdrying or diffusing, thus creating soft, shiny and moisturized hair. Or you can use it dry, to re-moisturize curls for extra shine**


  • Invisible Serum. This gem helps with frizz while having a really flexible hold. Creates a beautiful satiny finish and can be used wet or dry…but a little goes a long way here. **


**Application tip: put on hands as if you were putting on lotion, then distribute through hair evenly. 



Nozzle-on is a must! This helps to direct the heat and make sure you follow your brush with your blowdryer to seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz, making it easier to achieve optimal shine with the products you chose. ( If you want to learn how to style your hair 1-on-1 we can schedule time as a blow dry class. Giving you a little extra hands on know how.)

Need a little something extra for that night out? A finishing product can help accomplish your beautiful look, and can be as simple as a hairspray or a wax depending on your texture. 


  • More Inside Shine Wax. This golden little pot is AMAZING. Meant to be used on dry hair, it gives a beautiful glossy and sleek effect. It’s not sticky and super flexible, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing your hair down. 

  •     More Inside. This is a shimmering mist. Not only does this aerosol shine-spray do its job, it smells fantastic. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results!


Next time you are in the salon, please ask about any of the products above. We are here to help and guide you to the best products available to achieve results specifically for your hair. 


xoxo & Happy Hair,

Liz C.