Our goal when opening was to be more than four walls of beauty. We wanted to connect and do great things with and for the people around us. Do-good-ery is just our lighthearted way of making this world a better place with small acts.


Partners in GOOD


“Because you can’t be awesome when your hungry …”

We believe there is enough to go around! Our mission is to provide children with food on the weekends when they do not have their school lunch to rely on. Spreading awareness about childhood hunger and inspiring others to start their own programs are also our goals! We also believe that everybody needs a helping hand at some point in our journey of life. There is nothing wrong or shameful in asking for help. Tomorrow it could be you needing a helping hand! Whether it be time, money, food, spreading awareness or a kind word- we all need to do what we can!


COA Mission Statement:
"Our goal is to improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters off the New Jersey/New York coast."

Clean Ocean Action will identify the sources of pollution and mount an attack on each source by using research, public education, and citizen action to convince our public officials to enact and enforce measures which will clean up and protect our ocean.

 Clean Ocean Action is a leading national and regional voice working to protect waterways using science, law, research, education, and citizen action. 

Our successful campaigns:

  • Improve programs and laws that protect public health at swimming beaches.

  • Reduce plastics and litter that pollute waterways, spoil beautiful beaches, and harm or kill marine life including turtles, whales, seals, birds, and fish.

  • Protect coasts from oil and gas drilling in the ocean, including Maine to Florida.

  • Establish the nation’s first Clean Ocean Zone to start a national chain reaction for all coasts.

  • Reduce toxins in waterways to ensure fish and shellfish are free of pollution and safe to eat.

  • Educate and motivate citizens from the small to the tall.

Clean Ocean Action (COA) is a broad-based coalition of 125 active boating, business, community, conservation, diving, environmental, fishing, religious, service, student, surfing, and women's groups.  These "Ocean Wavemakers" work to clean up and protect the waters of the New York Bight.  The groups came together in 1984 to investigate sources, effects, and solutions of ocean pollution.  What follows is a description of the network.


The Brodie Fund raises money to offer financial assistance, through grants, to families who have pets fighting cancer. No pet should be denied the treatments they need in the fight of their lives because of the owner’s inability to pay. Working in conjunction with participating hospitals and doctors, The Brodie Fund will be able to help pay for life extending and life saving procedures. Other times families are just seeking for quality of life for our pets in the time we have left and The Brodie Fund is here for that too.

  The Brodie Fund knows that they are not just pets, but they are family.



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We are a drop off location all year for the Back Pack Crew. We need lite, non perishable foods for the pantry. Please check out the link for more info.