All of our services are gender neutral. Pricing is based on time, level of experience and education of the service provider.

Creative Director    $98
Master Stylist          $68
Stylist                        $35

* We offer a Quiet Cut for people who prefer to not have a conversation during the service.  Please specify this when booking. 

Curly Cut

Designed to be uniquely for you and your curls.

During this two hour appointment, your curls will be cut and curated one by one.  Offered for those who wear their hair exclusively curly. Booking curly cuts is done prior to color services, and consultations for a curly cut can be reserved.

Creative Director      $140

Master Stylist             $90



Blow Dry


For the bad hair day pick-me-up or the special night out—we have you covered. We understand the importance of lastability and detail; setting your hair to go the distance.     


Pricing is based on time. Additional charges will be applied for the use of a curling iron or straighteners.



Whether a classic upsweep, retro glamour, or editorial vibe, we have you covered for that special occasion.

Starting price   $100
With extensions an additional $25


Color Services

Each color services includes a complimentary blow dry with an apprentice to complement your natural texture and does not include the use of hot tools like curling or flat iron.  

If you wish to have your hair styled specifically, we will gladly schedule time with a stylist.  This is not complimentary and pricing is based on consultation.


Concealing those stubborn greys or changing up your hue, this one step will make you feel refreshed and new.

Starting price $65 /$82

Single Process

Time for a change? Need of an all over overhaul? From roots to tips, your color is renewed.  ( This service is not a blonding or lightening service;  please see dimensional color) 

Starting price $100

All over color


Is the singular color no longer doing it for you? Need a bit more? 

All of your dimensional color includes glosssing.

A little bit of color contour around the face. A subtle shift.

Starting price  $70

Face Frame

Partial Bright  

Going the next step to bring out those popping pieces in your profile.

Starting price $140 

Full highlights

The full affect. Great for the person who likes to see dimension with their hair up.

Starting price  $190


Hand painted, naturally effortless, lived-in color that can go the distance.  Includes glossing.

Face Frame Painting

Sun kissed, natural brightening around your face. 

Starting price $115

Brighten up that head, only where the sun hits it just like when you were a kid.

Starting price $160

Partial Painting


The full sun exposure. Perfectly curated beachy, natural blond.

Starting price $210

Full Painting


This service is reserved for the blond who thinks the color white is dark. Includes glossing.   

Starting at $180

Virgin Bleach
& Tone

Starting at $120

Bleach &
Tone Retouch

Platinum Card

For the person who wants it all in one shot.  This full foil and regrowth double process application is the ‘maxed out’ blonding service.

$250   *A credit card on file will be  required to reserve this service.  


A boost of shine. A refresh on your blond, or to get rid of unwanted tones.

Starting $50
Gloss with Color Service Starting $25


Corrective color

Requires a consultation and is booked at an hourly rate of $125, and *A credit card on file will be  required to reserve this service.  

Rebonding Treatment

A preventative treatment added to color, or a stand alone service to add strength to your hair.  

Stand alone $50
Added to color service  $30

Smoothing All Natural Keratin


Cezanne Classic Keratin Treatment 

100% Formaldehyde-Free smoothing treatment.  Reduces drying time by 50% and removes unwanted  frizz with out all of the harmful chemicals as traditional keratin treatments. No wait time to wash or color hair post service, amazing frizz free hair for up to 5 months. 

Starting  $250


Cezanne Instant Keratin  Treatment

Al the benefits of the classic Cezanne treatment in a quarter of the time.  This treatment can be done while receiving a haircut, an last up to 6 weeks.

Starting $75  

Extension Services 

Need a bit extra? Length? Fullness?  We can help with that!  

All of our extension services require a consultation prior to booking.  In order to reserve time for a consult you must allow for a credit card on-file. 

We work exclusively with Extensionology and Bellami hair tape in extensions. Pricing varies based off of hair type, length, quantity and time.  We offer the full range of services from initial taping, removal and re-taping.   *All Services are based on an hourly rate and it does not include a haircut or styling.