All of our services are gender neutral. Pricing is based on time, level of experience, education, and achievements of the service provider.

Creative Director    $98
Master Stylist          $68
Stylist                       $35 **

* We offer a Quiet Cut for people who prefer to not have a conversation during the service.  Please specify this when booking. 

**Currently, Wednesday’s only.



Designed to be uniquely for you and your curls; each curl will be cut and curated one by one. Offered for those who wear their hair exclusively curly. Booking curly cuts is done prior to color services, and consultations for a curly cut can be reserved. NOTE: This appointment is a minimum 1 1/2 hours, and up to 3 hours.

Creative Director      $140
Master Stylist             $90


For reservations of appointments:

Appointment booking is available 24/7 with the link below.