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Craft House Salon is a lively retreat, a place for you and to give attention to yourself. To make your experience and the experience of our other guests the most awesome, we have a few house rules.

Happy: It is our goal for you to be happy with your hair and experience, and we always welcome honest feedback. In the event you are unhappy with your hair, we allow a one week grace period for any adjustments or corrections. Unfortunately this does not cover a “change of mind.” If we have adequately met your needs in the appointment and you decide you want to be lighter again or go shorter than you thought, that is not a correction and you must rebook for another paid appointment.

“Oops, I am running late”: 
We've all been there. Stuck behind a school bus, coffee spilt on a shirt and had to change, or the dog won't come inside... We allow a grace period of 15 minutes. We will do our very best to provide you with the service. 

Cell phones:
 We fully understand the need to stay connected, and be available. For the comfort of other guests we ask that the volume of the cell phone is moved to silent and conversations are kept short and sweet. 
Additionally, we ask that you refrain from speaking on the phone during your service. It is difficult to provide you with the best experience and finish with your phone at your ear. 


We love children, and are so excited to meet them, though the salon isn’t a safe place for your child to hang out. Often times parents are distracted in the appointment and can’t fully attend to their children's needs. Between sharp objects, chemicals, electrical cords, and being underfoot, it is a panic attack in waiting for your stylist.

Not only are we concerned about your child's well-being, but also providing you with the best experience and end result. Not to mention that the mom or dad next to you may have sold their kidney to get a babysitter for a childless appointment. In short, if your child is under the age of 7 and cannot sit alone and self entertained, we do ask that you please leave them home. 

However, your child is always welcome in the salon as a guest and to receive services. We do ask that it isn’t at the same time as the parent receiving a service, unless someone else is present to attend to the child while the services being performed. 

Oh… and last bit on your sweetie-pie. If your little one is really distraught over the services, we reserve the right to bow out gracefully.