Nicole wanted to be in the industry as a makeup artist since she was a little girl, and has always been passionate about all things hair. Her lighthearted, silly personality makes Nicole a joy to be around. But don’t let this hard working woman fool you, she has some major life goals. Since jumping on the floor at Craft House Salon, Nicole has completed a significant portion of our intensive in-house training program in a short time. Passionate about education, eager to learn with an amazing attitude towards growth, eco-minded, sweet and kind, makes Nicole’s adventure into hair just as important as her passions outside. 

Nicole loves to style hair, from tousled beach waves to lived in hair and braids. Nicole has completed a portion of our core cutting training, and will continue through our advanced education over the next few months. Her goals are to do both color and cutting, and will transition to training in color once she is completely on the floor. Nicole’s joyful energy, radical ability to connect with others and passion for finding your perfect style makes her such a great fit for you!